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Custom SaddleWe begin with a wood covered bullhide tree. This is the strength of a saddle tree, your foundation! The bullhide is laced onto the saddle tree with rawhide lacing not string that will rot..Your Sharp custom saddle is made from quality USA leather and designed to last. The leather in your Sharp custom saddle is made from #1 USA cowhides tanned in the USA. All leather isn't created equal! Our hardware is either Real brass or stainless steel. We use only thick bark tanned wool shearling. No synthetics to wear out quickly and make your equine's back hot!

Custom Saddle For that one-of-a-kind saddle, each of our custom saddles is built individually by the hands of Clay and Robin Sharp with quality craftsmanship, materials, function and good looks being our goal! Each piece is hand-cut and fit for each custom saddle, edges smoothed, beveled, hand rubbed, oiled and sealed. In our custom saddles, All ground seats are hand carved leather paying attention to the physical build of the rider. The strings are heavy, long latigo leather. No cheap or flimsy strings made out of inferior leathers are found in a Sharp custom saddle.

Custom Saddle Your stirrup leathers can be "freed-up" for maximum swing or hung straight down. The fender length matches your inseam in our custom saddles. A person 5 feet tall doesn't need a fender made for somebody 6' 2" and visa versa. The rigging position and style should suit your animals needs and what you're doing with your custom saddle. The weight of your custom saddle will be 32# to 45# depending on your individual needs and the use intended. You can also choose Hermann Oak #1 USA leather for your custom saddle.

The leather weight for your custom saddle comes in 10/12 oz. 12/14 oz. or 15/16 oz. that will last for generations! We can build your unique to you Sharp custom saddle on ANY style saddle tree. For example: Wade, Association, Bowman, Ropers, Old Time, Slick Forks or even Endurance saddle trees can be used in our custom saddles. You also choose the horn size and style for your custom saddle. If you want to dress up your custom saddle, Clay is an excellent carver or Robin can stamp a design on your custom saddle to suit you. You can also go all out with exotic skins, silver or just simply the beauty of plain leather. If you like we can help you with design and fit of your custom saddle or answer any questions in creating a one of a kind custom saddle.

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