Sharp's German Shepherds

German Shepherd Sire

The Colonel Warrior, Sire

We raise AKC registered old fashion classic German Shepherds with straight backs, good temperaments and strong healthy minds and bodies. Our sire and dam are short coats. The sire is the classic black and tan color. Our dam is black and tan with silver highlights. Both are good size and weight.
We enjoy breeding, training and raising old fashion German Shepherds for family protection, service dogs, 4H, police, search and rescue. Our dogs and puppies are born and raised in our home and with other pets and livestock. Sharp's German Shepherds are faithful and true, smart, strong and healthy, naturally protective. They are excellent working dogs or family companions.

AKC German Shepherd puppies! LARGE. Classic black & tan. Old fashion straight back. All shots/worming. Bred for strength, endurance, loyalty, smarts. High ball drive potential. Female from previous litter is working drug sniff dog. We are very pleased that 2 females from our most recent litter are heading to K9 school.