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Thanks to Missing Pets Network and/or  International

The lady searched on this website to get my email address, my cat had been missing for 85 days, and was able to find my email and picture of my cat on this website, and I now have my cat back! Thank you so much! Mari, Virginia, U.S.A.

Thank you so much for your help! Thanks to you and a wonderful stranger our baby kitty was reunited to us! Kali is like a child to us and we were devastated when she went missing. It means so much to us to have her returned. She was skinny and a little, well a lot dirty! But she was alive and well. Thank you again, I am so so so appreciative that people like you would take the time out of your everyday life to help with this horrible and overwhelming situation! All the best! Chrissy, Alberta, Canada

I had posted a notice for my missing cat on your website. I am pleased to ask you to remove this ad from your site as almost 3 months have passed and Gizmo has now been found. He was safely returned home yesterday. A kind family had noticed him on some of the streets in Brooklin and had googled the key descriptive words in my ad and found your website with my ad. Thank you again! My daughter and I are very grateful to all of you! Maria, Ontario, Canada

Please remove the ad for Found male tabby cat. I found his owners. He had been missing for 6 months, and is now finally home again. Thank you so much for your site, it is great. Wish they could all have a happy ending. Louise, Ontario, Canada

This website allows miracles to happen! Our bird was lost on June 14 and returned to us on June 17. Thank you! Teresa, MI

This was a success story. Boston's owner saw the ad on your website and reclaimed his dog just three days after we'd posted the ad. Thanks. Brad, MO

Yeah! Thanks to your service a dog that we found has been most happily reunited with its rightful owner. The poor little gal had been so depressed, even with the company of my own dog which played with the lost "Shadow." Thank you for your service. Susan, AZ

Hello, Just wanted to let you know that thanks to this website, the two golden retrievers that were found in Tacoma, WA have been reunited with their family. You posted 2 ads. One for 2 Lost Golden Retrievers and one for two found golden retrievers. That is how we got together. Thanks for your help. Tricia, WA

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Lola was located, safe & sound, at the Oasis bird sanctuary in Phoenix, thanks to your service. I love the Internet and the people who use it! I'm even more enthusiastic about its power. Thank you again for your help. Warmest regards, Victoria, AZ

Thank you so much for your web page, my sister's dog has been found. I had posted to your page and after 2 1/2 weeks someone in Santee saw the notice and called. Marilee, CA

We have found Baby Kitty. We are more than excited. Thanks for your help. We were amazed to get the phone call after 3 1/2 weeks. Thank you. Jackie, AZ big-ol red friend went through three weeks and a lot of trouble to come back home, we are so happy to be back together, and we would like to say thanks to God and the folks at Flealess Market's Lost Pets for helping us by allowing us to post a bulletin about my friend Bubba... God bless to you all--from Bubba and his loving owner, TX

We have Great News for you! "Frankie" is home! It's a long story but she ended up fifteen miles from where she was lost! is through the efforts of wonderful people who really care, like yourself and your organization that makes the difference. It's a great ending but a heart wrenching sad, yet so joyous when found. Thank you for all your help...and please don't stop what "ya'll" are doing! IT'S AWESOME! Holley, TX

The owners of the Chocolate Lab in N. Idaho were located this weekend. Thanks a million for helping to get the word around!! Jan, ID

I have some great news - WE FOUND MAX!! We want to thank you for your services (and words of encouragement!) during our search for Max. You have a terrific organization. Thanks again. Cynthia, VA

I just wanted to say thanks for all you help, we have found our poodle Lelita. Thanks again, we're really glad to have her back. Suzi, FL

We found the dog's owner. Tears of happiness shed by all. Thanks! MN

The pet I listed as found: 'black cocker mix female" has been reunited with her owner. Thank you for this service! WA

Reunited!!! Thanks for your help. You posted my found cockatiel on your Oregon page. "Chiquita" is going home tomorrow. Her human mom called and correctly identified her lost birdy. She escaped during a move when the cage was accidently dropped. Chiquita flew away, but is happy to be going back home. Thanks, again! All my best, Lora, OR

I am happy to report that the owners of the Jack Russell have been located. They accurately described her markings and had a picture of her. She is now at home with her family and her mate. Thank you so much for your help. Mary, SC

I have wonderful news, our beloved Tia was returned to us. I appreciate all of your effort and help in finding Tia, it will not be forgotten. I assure you Tia has never been more pampered in her life, than now. Our family is so grateful that she was returned in good health. Once again Thank you and anyone else that helped you. I think you're listing of Lost Animals is a wonderful idea and I wish you luck in the future helping people like me. Pamela, Ontario, Canada

We thought we would share the good news on a lost dog. We posted hundreds of flyers with our url's on them. The dog had been missing for two weeks. An anonymous x-con had picked him up, assuming he was abandoned. He took him home to Arizona. Through a Los Angeles contact he got our url's off of a flyer. He looked us up on the internet to confirm it was the dog, later he flew him home to Los Angeles. He did not want a reward, just reimbursment for airfare (for two). We know it works. Sincerely, Robert and Andrea, CA

Thank you for posting our "fosterbabies" on your webpage, we truly appreciate your efforts! We found very good permanent homes for both of them. Thanks so much again, and keep up the good work. Ute, German Shorthaired Pointer Club of Central Arizona (Rescue)

We have our dog back!  Yes, after nearly 3 wks, numerous calls, emails & faxes, & prayers....Thanks for all your support, dedication & effort!  I don't know what I would've done without your kind words & the hope your website provided! I've bookmarked your site & maybe someday I can help someone else in this situation. Thanks - Deena, IL

Just thought that I would let you know that Zack has been found....Thanks for posting this ad for us. We really appreciate your help. Thanks again. Dennis, AZ

Thanks for your help... The dog's owner was found!!! G. Davis VA Webmaster's note: this dog was found in VA.and had AZ tags!

Thank you very much for your kind and prompt response. I have great news ! Duchess is alive and well and safe at home as of today (exactly one week after her disappearance). I am overjoyed. Thank you for your assistance. Yago NC

This is such great news I wanted to let everyone know right away. CHARLIE has been found!! (also with another stolen horse)....the important thing is Charlie is safe and will soon be home and the owner wants to thank all of us for putting the information on the Internet! *** It was due to this information that he was able to be located. **** Thanks to everyone that has helped and put up pages and information on all of the stolen horses! We are doing our part to "stop" these thieves!! There IS strength in numbers! Thanks again to everyone, Lois AR

Hi! Just want to report a happy ending to our "missing Tyler" report... our boy is home safe and sound.. Thank you for your awesome website! Paula and Sonny AZ

We found Marshall! Thank you for your help. ... it was a blessing to have people like you help us in our search. Rick & Karyn AZ

I FOUND BUBBA!! She went over 30 miles across a river and found my mothers house three towns away! She is very sore and her feet hurt, but she's happy to be home. Thank you sooo much! Shanna NC

The two labs, Hunter & Taffy were rescued by a wonderful family. Thanks for providing this website. We really appreciate the effort, and speediness in posting our listing. Bless you all! dval AZ

Thanks for your reply and all your assistance....WE HAVE GOOD NEWS! She's back home in her own yard, safe and sound....It's really good to know there are places on the Net we can put this kind of stuff. Lynn KY

I submitted a lost dog on the posting form last night "YORKSHIRE TERRIER IN FT. LAUDERDALE AREA". I am happy to say this dog has been reunited with his owner! THANK YOU FOR THIS WONDERFUL SERVICE!! Barbara FL

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